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What's New

Version 0.2

Upcoming release on July xx, 2020

Major New Features

  • Plotly animated bar charts with bar_chart_race_plotly
  • Line chart races with line_chart_race

Other enhancements

  • Integration directly into pandas DataFrames - df.bcr.bar_chart_race
  • Bar label position able to be specified ('outside', 'inside', or None) using new parameter bar_label_position.
  • Bar label formatting possible with string or function using new parameter bar_label_fmt
  • Added end_period_pause parameter that creates a pause (in milliseconds) at the end of each period
  • Parameter title, in addition to a string, can also be a dictionary using 'label' as the key for the title. Other keys may be used to control text properties
  • Removed title_size and label_bars parameter

Version 0.1

Released June 1, 2020

This is the first major release of bar_chart_race adding many features:

Version 0.0.1

Released April 29, 2020

Genesis of bar_chart_race capable of producing smoothly transitioning bars with matplotlib and pandas.